My Love Story

My Love Story

Sunday, November 6, 2011


One girl have a flight at friday with her girl friend.

Call a taxi go to the airport. As usual, go with 1handbag and 1luggage.
Just check in then go to the waiting corner with the boarding pass & ic. Open the handbag find a earphone to listen a music while waiting announcement to in the flight.

Just enjoy the music and sometimes talks with her girlfriend. jokes, smile and laughs. Just excited to see someone special in her life. :) at the same time messages with the one special. #BEEP2. messege received : open : 'papa tunggu mama, cepat balik tau!" The girl just smile smile and smile. :)

TINGTONG : signal for queuing. The girl just walk go to the aeroplane. arhhh, 1 thing, this bag luggage is heavy. Who can help meee. Whatever is this, tebalkan muka ask someone to help. YES! that guy. maybe can help. after ask, then the guy help. haiiihhh. what lucky! tanks! :)

where is my sit? girl ask herself. find, find & find. Ooo that's it. Ouchhh. sit in the middle with 2 boys left & right. gggrrrr. whatever laaa. the girl just sit. busy with her handbag, take a sweater adidas out. take vaseline and apply it to her lip. just ignore about 2 guys. check a handphone, reply a message then switch off. this flight will departures soon. Fasten a seat belt and sit properly to find a comfort. sleepyyyy ! need to sleep.

Dont have another figure to see, look at the guy at left that busy open a magazine. arhhh. boringgg. what i want now is arrive quickly! after 5minutes lefts. guy @ the left make a voice like this 'Ehemmmm'. Just hear then look that guy. after that he just says : Hi. and the girl says Hi too. then the conversation is continue.

After talk talk & talk. He accompany to treat have a drink. Just buy only 1 can of coke. He says we share it ok. The girl says : how can we share? no answer from that guy. then the guy says to the stewardess : give me 2 cups of glass,please. Ooo ok. continue the talk.

One old man just stand from sit, it must be got to the toilet. thenn, the guy says : hey, that old man is my father. after this can meet him. the girl reply : Huh?? the guy reply back : also my mum is there. girl : what?? no answer. he just look at the window n change the topic of the conversation. ok fine.

The flight announce for arrive. Then the guy look at the watch and says : time is so short. why not its take long time. the girl just blurr and think for a while. oh, whatever.

The guy out first take a bag and says : Bye lina, one day we will meet again. smile and 'tabik spring'. lina says: Ooh guy. then smile. and says whatever. shake a head a little bit.

Arhhh safely arrive. take a luggage. take a handphone and call someone special. says : saya da sampai sayanggg. He says : Yeahhh!. Howww sweettt ! :)

#sometimes we always meet others mens in our life in many places, anytime, but the someone special is more valuable that cannot be replaced. :)

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