My Love Story

My Love Story

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


As Snow White bites into her apple
Cinderella loses her glass shoe
Beauty transforms her beast
I realize my fairy tale has finally come true

You are my Prince Charming
And I am your Princess locked away
Lost way up in the highest tower
Never seeing the light of day

Many knights had tried
To break me free from this cage
But the monster that lives here
Was far too filled with rage

I forgot what it was like to laugh
And how it felt just to smile
Sitting in this tower crying
Lost in my strong denial

Then once upon a time
A brave prince dared to rescue me
For all the pain and unhappiness
He plainly could see

He came up to my prison
And he showed me everything
That I forgot what possible
Things I forgot happiness could bring

Well my Prince Charming
Ive been in love with you thereafter
So now we're together until the end
Living happily ever after

i love you my prince Hamizan Noh =)

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