My Love Story

My Love Story

Thursday, May 20, 2010


such a long time. . . .

Urm. . .
oLiday iS GoiN sMooThLy. . bUt reaLLY borEd stAy aT hOme
JusT EaT n sLeEp. . .My StOmAch iS goIng BunCit, my BuTT is GoiN biG! hahhaa. .mY paPa LaUgh me! Ouh No, i nEEd to cOntroL eAt! ;)

2day i got a quest. that can we categories 'RUDE QUEST.' at the! i dOn't wHo Dat PersOn. . . ThE 'person' noT bRaVe to Show Me thEirsELf. . . anD i tHinK Dat 'person' is Know Me vEry wELL. . .based On the Quest. .Just Show urSelf! i wAnt tO kNow. . . . sHow me! and i want to ask 'YOU' did i do wrong wif u? what is my fault? y u not satisfied to me? tell me y u not satisfied @ anythg else!

peoPLe aLways taLking & TaLking abOut my fauLt & evrything. . .find my fault! so dissapointed! i'm not kind like 'YOU' i'm not smart like 'YOU'! 'YOU' are perfect! 'YOU' never do any fault! 'YOU' always true! 'YOU' are evrythg and I always wrong. . . .

i Ask mY paPa aBout Diz. . .but hE saY 'jUz iGnore it' this is juSt a little bit. THIS IS A LIFE! we need to faced it. . .

i don't care what people say bout me, say what u want behind me, i will say 'YOU' are 'LOSER'!

i'll go on wif my life and ignore 'PEOPLE' like 'YOU'!
jUst Care On Ur owN buSiNessdear, wHat u 'GET' caRe bOut my Business? eUw!

mY dArL is CaLL, i'M sLeepy & waNt To sLeeP wiF my bEar (MarMi) n my papa~ muchuk2~
gUd niTe~ sWeet DreaMz~ (-_-)

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